New KAS / EU Project: EU-Asia Dialogue

The Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Singapore, together with two partner institutes, has successfully applied for a project of the European Union. In addition to the two institutional partners, the East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore and the European Policy Centre in Brussels, the European Union Centre in Singapore functions as an associate. The project has formally started on January 01, 2012, and was officially launched on February 16, 2012. The three-year project “EU-Asia Dialogue – Shaping a Common Future for Europe and Asia” aims to promote dialogue and enhance exchange of knowledge between policy-makers, governmental, non-governmental organizations and research institutes from Europe and Asia. Despite long-standing multilateral and bilateral relations between Europe and Asia, new challenges are currently emerging. These recent developments make it necessary to create a common future for both regions and cooperate more closely.
Our activities will focus on seven thematic issues:
• Climate Change Diplomacy
• Eco-Cities
• Migration and Integration
• Social Cohesion
• Maritime Security and Piracy
• Human Trafficking
• Food Security
Besides conferences with participants from both regions, we will produce a number of papers and publications which will be made available on our website.
We trust that the “EU-Asia Dialogue” is of interest to you as you are well-known experts specialized on Asian Affairs. For further information on our project, please refer to our website and our social media sites on facebook and twitter.