Scholarship by the Asia-Europe Institute of the University of Malaya

The Asia-Europe-Institute of the University of Malaya is one of Southeast Asia’s leading institutions for social science post graduate research and teaching in regard to ASEAN-Europe relations. The institute aims to foster exchange of students and scholars with a view to developing a better understanding of the cultures, histories, politics, institutions, economics, business and legal practices of both continents.

Four one-year courses of study are offered within the International Masters Programme which are sponsored through the AEI Financial Scheme:
1) International Masters in Information Management (IMIM)
2) International Masters in Regional Integration (IMRI)
3) International Masters in Small-and-Medium Enterprises (IMSME)
4) International Masters in ASEAN Studies (IMAS)

The Asia-Europe Institute Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS), has been instituted with the aim of encouraging and supporting deserving Malaysians and non-malaysians to pursue International Masters programmes exclusively at AEI.
Application for AEI Financial Assistance must be submitted online at
Potential applicants should contact AEI at for further assistance.

For detailed information on the Scheme, please visit or download the AEI Programme Booklet and the AEI Financial Assistance Scheme.

The online application is open until 30 April 2015.