Cambridge University Southeast Asian Conference 2017

CUSEAC is run by a group of passionate ASEAN students at Cambridge University and aims to create awareness about the challenges in the region among the wider Cambridge community. The theme for the conference is “Stepping up to ASEAN Challenges: Catalysing Youth Collaboration” and the focus is on promoting the exchange of ideas and encouraging constructive collaboration within the ASEAN youth community by providing participants the opportunity to work as a team and propose their ideas on how to tackle challenges facing this region. The conference will take place on Saturday, 4 March 2017.

The organising team is currently looking for PhD candidates and postdocs whose work pertains to Southeast Asia to be Mentors for CUSEAC 2017. There will be two workshops during the conference, where delegates will collaborate in groups of eight to discuss current ASEAN issues and formulate an action plan to address them. Mentors are responsible for facilitating discussion of a group in the Workshops and giving guidance to the delegates when developing solutions. There are no restrictions on the topics that can be discussed, but we will prepare briefing documents on Economic, Political and Social issues in ASEAN for the delegates. Prior to the event a briefing and practice session will also be organised for all selected Mentors. Mentors across all disciplines are gladly welcomed as long as their area of expertise is related to Southeast Asia.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please kindly complete this form: by 22 January 2017. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to share your work relating to Southeast Asia, network with other passionate researchers and students from this region as well as shape the conversation around the future of ASEAN. The CUSEAC delegates would highly benefit from any insights you could offer!

To give you a clearer idea about what the event entails, click here for the event proposal. For  any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch (