ASEAS 7(2) published!

As the end of the year 2014 is near, the ASEAS Editorial Team is pleased to announce the publication of ASEAS 7(2) – online and soon in print!

The present ASEAS issue features a focus on political utopias and homeland imaginaries held by Indonesians and, in one case, East Timorese at home and abroad. These include labor and marriage migrants, expatriates, overseas students, political exiles, and refugees living outside of their home country. Since being in exile does not always require an actual departure from the homeland, this special issue also takes into account the imaginaries of those who are physically within the boundaries of Indonesia, yet in one way or another voluntarily or involuntarily ‘exiled’ from the rest of society. ‘Imagining Indonesia’ aims to explore the multiple readings of longings for a better life that are projected both on Indonesia’s past and future. The papers deal with the romanticization and transfiguration of the Indonesian homeland without ignoring the darker sides of internal and external exile, migration, and long-distance politics.

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In her contribution, Emily Hertzman examines the multiple ways in which ethnic Hakka Chinese Indonesian migrants to Southeast and East Asia navigate their lives abroad while maintaining deep
emotional ties to and (re-)imagining their area of origin, Singkawang, in West Kalimantan. Ariane Utomo similarly looks at Indonesians living abroad for extended periods of time and explores
how Indonesian mothers in the Australian capital of Canberra use language schooling for their children as a way to maintain their own ties to Indonesia, but also build transnational relations for their children. On a more political note, Syafiq Hasyim investigates the history of Indonesian student activism in Berlin over the years and the struggle both for a more democratic and a more pious Indonesia. In terms of examining Diaspora communities, Hedda Askland’s contribution might seem to be an outlier at first sight since it examines changing perceptions of exile East Timorese in Australia of their native country. The link to Indonesia here, however, is a historical one, as most of the exiles had fled Indonesian occupation. The remaining contributions – a paper by Chris Chaplin and an interview with Vannessa Hearman – examine re-imaginings of Indonesia from within the country by Indonesians who are either voluntarily (in the case of Chaplin, Salafis) or involuntarily (in the case of Hearman’s study of letters of the political prisoner Gatot Lestario) distanced from mainstream society. Last but not least, in the ‘Southeast Asia Visually’ section, Helena Manhartsberger offers valuable insights into the stories, thoughts, and imaginaries that both Indonesian and Tyrolesian people hold of their home country in relation to images of the respectively ‘foreign’ region.


Upcoming Issues: ASEAS 8(1) & ASEAS 8(2)

ASEAS 8(1) 2015 – Focus: The Sovereignty of Food and Health (guest editors: Judith Ehlert & Christiane Vossemer)

ASEAS 8(2) 2015 – Focus: Tourism and Development – the Thai Case (guest editors: Ploysri Porananond & Victor T. King)

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 EuroSEAS 2015: Call for Papers

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