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Cambridge University Southeast Asian Conference 2017

CUSEAC is run by a group of passionate ASEAN students at Cambridge University and aims to create awareness about the challenges in the region among the wider Cambridge community. The theme for the conference is “Stepping up to ASEAN Challenges: Catalysing Youth Collaboration” and the focus is on promoting the exchange of ideas and encouraging constructive collaboration within the ASEAN youth community by providing participants the opportunity to work as a team and propose their ideas on how to tackle challenges facing this region. The conference will take place on Saturday, 4 March 2017.

The organising team is currently looking for PhD candidates and postdocs whose work pertains to Southeast Asia to be Mentors for CUSEAC 2017. There will be two workshops during the conference, where delegates will collaborate in groups of eight to discuss current ASEAN issues and formulate an action plan to address them. Mentors are responsible for facilitating discussion of a group in the Workshops and giving guidance to the delegates when developing solutions. There are no restrictions on the topics that can be discussed, but we will prepare briefing documents on Economic, Political and Social issues in ASEAN for the delegates. Prior to the event a briefing and practice session will also be organised for all selected Mentors. Mentors across all disciplines are gladly welcomed as long as their area of expertise is related to Southeast Asia.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please kindly complete this form: by 22 January 2017. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to share your work relating to Southeast Asia, network with other passionate researchers and students from this region as well as shape the conversation around the future of ASEAN. The CUSEAC delegates would highly benefit from any insights you could offer!

To give you a clearer idea about what the event entails, click here for the event proposal. For  any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch (

1. Student Southeast Asian Conference at the University of Hamburg

On 5 November 2016, the first Student Southeast Asian Conference will be held at the
Asia Africa Institute of the University Hamburg. The conference is limited to 200
participants. 18 presentations, divided into 8 panels, will be highlighted by two keynote
speakers. The conference seeks to allow students to present their research on
Southeast Asia, while also bringing together students from various German research
institutes which focus on the region.

All students currently engaged in research about Southeast Asia are welcome to submit
their abstracts on the following topics:

  1. Development = Economy, Politics, International Relations, Environment
  2. Language = Sociolinguistics, Historical Linguistics, Applied Linguistics
  3. Society = History, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies
  4. Intellectual Culture = Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality, Art

Authors of accepted papers will be invited to present their work at the 1. Student
Southeast Asian Conference in Hamburg, Germany on 5 November 2016.

For more details regarding abstracts  and their submission please click here.

Myanmar-Tagung in Berlin, 23. – 25.6.2016

Die Myanmar Study Group lädt dieses Jahr zur Tagung “Myanmarforschung 2016. Interdisziplinäre Erkundungen eines Landes im Wandel” vom 23. bis 25. Juni ein. Die Veranstaltung wird in Berlin an der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, am Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften und am Sozialwissenschaftlichen Institut stattfinden.
Das aktuelle Programm und detaillierten Informationen zum Veranstaltungsort finden Sie hier. Um eine informelle Anmeldung der Teilnahme an wird gebeten.

Call for Applications: EU-ASEAN Perspectives III

The Young Initiative on Foreign Affairs and International Relations e.V. (IFAIR) invites students, young professionals and researchers to participate in the 3rd Interregional EU-ASEAN Perspectives Dialogue, taking place between July and November 2016. Once again they will
bring together young researchers from Europe and Southeast Asia in an online conference and a high-level live panel debate. The third edition of the interregional project will be held in 2016 under the theme:

“Gender Equality – Progress and Challenges from an Interregional EU-ASEAN Perspective”

Participants from the EU and ASEAN will exchange on three policy fields of Gender Equality that are persistent in the two regions:
1. Political participation;
2. Economic empowerment;
3. The dynamic between Gender Equality and culture.

Applications from graduate students and recently graduated researchers are encouraged, as well as young practitioners in EU-ASEAN relations or Gender Equality. Applicants should:

  • Be from an EU or ASEAN member country;
  • Ideally, have a background in Political Sciences, Economics or International Relations and have done some coursework relevant to the field of Gender Equality;
  • Have an excellent working knowledge of English, the official language of the dialogue.

Deadline for the applications is 1 June 2016. Shortlisted candidates might be invited to a brief online interview. You will receive a confirmation of your acceptance by 26 June 2016.

Please, click here for detailed information and how to apply and for updates and reports from previous events visit the EU-ASEAN Perspectives III webpage.

CfP der 8. Tagung der Nachwuchsgruppe im Januar 2017

Vom 27. bis 29. Januar 2017 findet die 8. Tagung der Nachwuchsgruppe Asienforschung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Asienkunde in Rothenfels am Main statt. Das Ziel der Tagung ist es, NachwuchswissenschaftlerInnen der Asienforschung eine Plattform zu bieten, um ihre derzeitigen Forschungsarbeiten („Work in Progress“) in Form einer Präsentation oder eines Posters vorzustellen und zu diskutieren. Die möglichen Themenfelder können sich von Politik, Recht und Wirtschaft bis hin zu gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Fragestellungen im asiatischen Raum erstrecken. Interessierte werden gebeten, ein Abstract bis zum 15. Juli 2016 online einzureichen unter:

Conference Call: Universal Periodic Review in Southeast Asia, September 2016, Bangkok

Asia Centre is proud to announce the

Universal Periodic Review in Southeast Asia: An Evidence-Based Regional Assessment.
15th – 17th September 2016, Asia Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

By May 2016, each state in Southeast Asia will have completed its second cycle of the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR). But what is the impact of the UPR on human rights in the region? And does the focus on constructive dialogue and the state-centric nature of the process help improve the situation?

Asia Centre – an independent non-profit social initiative based in Bangkok – is bringing together academics and researchers for an evidence-based analysis of the UPR’s impact on Southeast Asia. The findings will be compiled into a publication after the seminar.

Abstract Submission: Submit an abstract of 300 words and a short bio by 30th May 2016. For more information please refer to the attached call for abstracts.

Conference Fees:
USD 150 Early bird rate until 15 June 2016
USD 75   Special Student Rate

Detailed information can be found in the UPR Conference Call.

For any further inquiries please contact Michelle: Do also like the Facebook page for conference updates.


Research Colloquium on Southeast Asia, Uni Passau

Passau Research Colloquium on Southeast Asia, University of Passau
Wednesdays, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m., Dr.-Hans-Kapfinger-Straße 14b, Room 314a

Starting tomorrow (13 April):
Facebook as a Weapon of the Weak? A Case Study of Thai Protestor on EHIA Project of Mae Wong Dam, Thailand.
Wimonsiri Hemtanon, PhD student, University of Passau

For more dates and information please click here.

The Passau Southeast Asian Research Colloquium is a forum for all those with an interest in Southeast Asian Studies, and brings together researchers, teaching staff members, students and guest participants.

The research colloquium provides a window on ongoing research on Southeast Asia at the University, including the presentation of work currently being undertaken by guest researchers from Germany and overseas. This information on the most recent developments in the field provides students with valuable inputs for the design and implementation of their own research projects.

All those with a connection to Southeast Asian Studies at the University are welcome to attend the colloquia and take part in the discussions.

The colloquia are organized and led by the Chairs of the two Southeast Asian Studies departments at the University:

Chair of Southeast Asian Studies
Professor Dr. Rüdiger Korff

Chair of Comparative Development and Cultural Studies (Focus: Southeast Asia)
Professor Dr. Martina Padmanabhan

Call for papers: Conference “Reconciling Indonesian history with 1965”, Frankfurt

International Conference
“Reconciling Indonesian history with 1965: facts, rumours and stigma”

10-12 November 2016
Goethe University – Frankfurt (Germany), Westend Campus

This conference  will focus on events held in collective memory and historiography, which were taken as justification explaining the necessity to eradicate the Communist party, its affiliated organizations and sympathisers in 1965-1966, and which are still in use in the public discourse in Indonesia.
This international conference invites participants to reflect on the fear of communism and its violent consequences in past and contemporary Indonesian society. It aims to examine historical facts and events involving the Communist Party of Indonesia and its sympathisers, to question stereotypes and stigma, to analyse how they appeared, the reasons allowing them to remain operative and finally their impact over the last century in Indonesia.

This event intends to bring together scientists from several countries, but also people engaged in non-academic advocacy and Indonesian government officials. Uniting the collective effort of scholars and civil society actors, the conference aims to present the abundant research of the last years which must be placed in the present revision context of Indonesian history. This international event advocates the conciliation of strong academic research with societal and political issues. Taking the form of a forum on the last day, the conference stands for an alternative between pure fundamental research and commissioned policy reports.

Abstract Submissions

Please submit a 250 to 300 words abstract and a short biographical note by March 25, 2016.
For submission and further information:

– Jun. Prof. Dr. Elsa Clavé:
Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
– Prof. Dr. Asvi Warman Adam:
LIPI, Jakarta, Indonesia
– Friederike Trotier:
Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

Dates :
1st April 2016: Deadline for Abstracts
22nd April 2016: Notification of Acceptance
1st July 2016: Opening of Registration
1st September 2016: Closing of Registration
10th-12th November 2016: Conference
Fees: 50 euros
Reduces fees (students, unemployed): 10 euros
Registration fees are to be paid exclusively by bank transfer. Further details will be provided upon
registration. Local students and postdocs may attend sessions for free.

Please, click here for detailed information.

EuroSEAS Master Class for PhD Students


On Friday, June 17, 2016 EuroSEAS and the Department of Anthropology of the University of Leiden (NL) organize a master class for PhD students from European universities who work on Southeast Asia. During this day participants present their research proposals or a key chapter of their thesis which will be discussed by a panel of senior scholars from Leiden.

Students interested in this meeting should send an application and a letter of recommendation from their supervisor to the Secretary of EuroSEAS, Professor Henk Schulte Nordholt ( before April 1, 2016.

A limited number of students will be invited to join this master class.

EuroSEAS can offer modest financial support, but the home universities of the participants are expected to pay most of the costs.

Students are also highly recommended to attend the Southeast Asia Update which will be held in Leiden the day before, Thursday, June 16, 2016. More information on this event will be announced in due time.

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