Get Involved!

There is a range of different options and opportunities to get involved with our activities: from subscribing to our news channels and spreading announcements up to the active engagement in our projects.


  • You are a newbie in South-East Asian Studies and want to receive updates on what’s going on – subscribe to our Twitter, Facebook or RSS news channel and share this content with your friends and colleagues. This keeps you updated and helps us to become engaged with a larger audience.
  • If you are not a newbie, already well-connected and experienced and think there is some essential material missing on our website – give us a hint, and tell us what it is, so we can expand the networkand have other South-East Asian scholars benefit as well.

Become a Member

  • While most of our work is done by volunteers and some expenses are usually covered by external funders, there is always room to grow. More resources equals more opportunities to widen and deepen our activities. This is where the support of our members makes the difference. Through member fees, SEAS members help to maintain our work and pursue our aims. Students and others without a regular income are eligible for a reduced member fee. To make things more attractice: Did we mention that members can opt-in for a ASEAS print subscription at production costs only? Find our more here.

Project / Editorial Support

  • You want to get engaged in our editorial work but do not have the time for an extensive or regular commitment? We are always looking out for some helping hands: proof reading, research on potential reviewers, promoting call for papers, extending our social online networks outreach and much more. Even if your contribution is small – we are always happy to receive some help. Let us know about your ideas and we will find a custom solution. Beside our warm thanks we will of course reward you with a reference or similar for your further professional development.
  • Of course this does also extend to other areas of activity or projects beside ASEAS. If you are unsure what the best opportunities are, just drop us a line!

Contributing Author

  • Beside research articles which have to pass a twofold double-blind peer-review process, our journal ASEAS offers the opportunity to submit and publish book reviews, reports on conferencse and research initiatives, or interviews. Not only a perfect chance for young authors to make themselves known, but also an interesting opportunity for everyone else who wants to gain experience in the editorial field. Contact us with own ideas or inquire whether we currently have publisher proposals on book reviews. If you agree to submit a review, books are organized and sent to you by the editorial board.

Contribute Ideas, Contacts or Projects

  • The basic idea of our organization is to serve as an open network, a professional incubator for everyone with equal principles, interests and goals. This means that we are not only happy to hear about recommendations and ideas on our own on-going work, but are also happy to support your endeavors in case we have the resources to do so. Want to start an exciting workshop series or host a panel discussion – tell us more about it!


  • Most of our previous conferences or other projects like viennasian or our summer school would not have been possible without the valuable work of our interns. As a principle, we wish to return and reward for this support – through broad learning experiences and exciting insights. While working on projects such as conferences or summer schools, that were fixed to a certain place and included regular face-to-face meetings, we could ensure a more or less intensive and comprehensive mentoring. Today most of our work is characterised by a collaborative workflow, which to a great extend, takes place online with side-lining – but often – ad-hoc meetings that include only a part of the team in person, while others hook themselves in via skype or conference call. Thus, we feel that it has become much more difficult to guarantee a comprehensive mentoring and learning process, and usually refrain from accepting new interns. If you are nethertheless interested in gaining insights and support our aims, and are a flexible and reliable team-worker used to online communication – feel free to send us your intern request including a CV and a short letter of motivation!