Become a Member

Membership in the Society for South-East Asian Studies (SEAS) is open to scholars, students, and individuals from around the world who have an interest in South-East Asia. As an Austrian non-profit organization, SEAS is largely dependent on contributions from individuals and project-based funding. Your membership helps us pursue our projects and activities.

SEAS members enjoy many benefits, including:

  • The option of having your member profile presented on our website (including your name and your interests in South-East Asia)
  • an opportunity to connect with a community of scholars and experts, working in various fields related to South-East Asia
  • an opportunity to get involved with us and help us realize future projects
  • an opportunity to extend your outreach by forwarding conference announcements or job postings through our website
  • information on our activities in the form of our newsletter
  • active participation in the Society’s policy-making by admission to the annual General Assembly

You can choose from the following membership types:

SEAS Regular Membership

  • By becoming a regular member, you enjoy all of the above listed benefits.
  • Your SEAS Regular Membership supports our current projects and activities.
  • The regular membership fee is 28 Euros per year. Applicants who qualify for a reduced student membership status (14 Euros per year) are kindly asked to send a scanned copy of their valid Student ID to

SEAS Sustaining Membership

  • Sustaining Membership is for those who would like to support us beyond the usual extent. It has the most leverage in sustaining our activities.
  • Sustaining members are particularly encouraged to participate in our annual assembly to provide their expertise in shaping the goals and outcomes of the specific topics being addressed.
  • Sustaining Members choose their own membership fee so that it lies above the regular membership fee of 28 Euros.

How to become a Member

Please decide on the type of membership and submit your membership data by using this form.

Note that registration is only completed upon payment of the membership fee to our bank account. Please make sure that your name and membership category is stated on the transfer slip. Bank charges are the responsibility of the payer and should be paid at source in addition to the membership fee.

Bank Transfer to SEAS:
Account number: 9100
Bank Code: 20828
Name of Bank: Sparkasse Mürzzuschlag
IBAN: AT752082800000009100

The SEAS membership is based on a calendar year. Fees are neither prorated nor refunded. Your membership will become effective upon payment of fees and ends after one year unless extended. Payment is due within 30 days from your initial membership registration. Payment applications received after October 1 will be effective upon payment and valid through December 31 of the following year. Once your application form is received and your application has been processed and validated, an email confirmation will be sent to you. We do not accept payment by Western Union. We do not accept or take any liability for payment by cash sent by mail service.
Privacy and Mailing Policy
We at SEAS respect the communication preferences of our members. To support our strong commitment to sustainability, SEAS constantly strives to reduce the amount of paper and non-electronic media used to communicate news and society information. By supplying your email address, you agree to receive electronic newsletters from SEAS, with the knowledge that you may cancel these types of electronic communication once you have become a member.