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As an online open access journal, our main distribution channel for ASEAS is online publication. Nevertheless, we have each issue available in a small number of print copies. These print issues are mainly meant for distribution to libraries or research institutes and can be purchased separately or in subscription packages. Of course, you can also place an order as an individual. Please be aware that not all issues might be available at all times.

Order Single Print Issues

  • Pricing for single and back issues varies and depends on whether you are ordering as an institution or as an individual. Contact us if to check prices and availability. If you want to order several back issues we can offer you a package deal.
  • If you are not an institutional client but are interested in getting ASEAS in print, you might also consider becoming a member. SEAS members are eligible for purchasing ASEAS at reduced rates. Find out more here.

Subscribe to our Print Issue

  • If you are an institutional client the recommended option to receive print issues is ordering our subscription package. This comes at EUR 65,00 a year and already includes shipping within the EU. If your institution is located outside the EU, please send us an email in order to receive an individual price.
  • Our terms and conditions for subscribers: Issues are shipped as soon as we receive them from our print shop. Subscriptions are one-year subscriptions only and get automatically renewed at the end of each year. Rates already paid are not refundable, but cancelling your subscription is possible at any time. Invoices for the upcoming year’s subscription are send together with the last issue of the already paid subscription.

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