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The latest issue of the Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies deals with a broad range of health issues in the region and is now online.
The special issue’s contributions shed new light on the connections between the environmental, social, political and economic contexts in which people live and their health and well-being. Nadine Reis and Peter P. Mollinga (Link to PDF) examine the effectiveness of microcredit programmes for rural water supply and sanitation in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Armin Ibitz (Link to PDF) explores the case of waste from electronic equipment in ASEAN nations and suggests that economic progress in ASEAN countries has also brought about huge environmental deterioration and risk to human health. Using the case of a single regulatory agency in Thailand, Seth Tuler, Uma Langkulsen, Caron Chess and Nuntavarn Vichit-Vadakan (Link to PDF) analyse health risk communication by examining the perceptions of staff and officers about risk communication in the Pollution Control Department. Lai Yu-Hung Allen and Tan Teck Boon (Link to PDF) discuss the evolution of public health control measures from 2003 SARS to 2009 HINI in Singapore and introduce new insights and lessons learnt regarding policy adaptation for pandemic preparedness planning. Two further contributions focus on the debate concerning the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines: While Marina Wetzlmaier (Link to PDF) provides an overview on the past and current debates, Michael Reckordt (Link to PDF) summarises different perspectives presented during a workshop in Essen, Germany, in March 2012. On a different subject matter, Muhammad Anshari, Mohammad N. Almunawar, Patrick K. C. Low and Zaw Wint (Link to PDF) explain the results of their study on social network-based customer relationship management in healthcare organisations in Brunei. Moreover, Kanvee Viwatpanich (Link to PDF) analyses the nutritive values and food consumption patterns of Mon Food in Thailand. In addition, Lan-Katharina Schippers (Link to PDF) interviewed Michael Runge, gynaecologist and professor at the University of Freiburg, Germany, about his over 25 years of experience in improving women's health, and Anna-Sophie Tomancok (Link to PDF) talked to Max Santner and Gerlinde Astleithner on the activities of the Red Cross in the region.
Outside the focus, Cassandra Wright and Belinda Lewis (Link to PDF) explore ongoing transitions and the role of various stakeholders in the context of tourism and development on the remote island of Rote, eastern Indonesia. Finally, ASEAS continues the introduction of Austrian research institutes working on South-East Asian related topics: Sri Tjahjani Kuhnt-Saptodewo (Link to PDF) presents the collection ‘Insular South-East Asia’ at the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna.
In addition the issue features two book reviews: Lan-Katharina Schippers writes on Gainsborough's "Vietnam: Rethinking the State" (2010) (Link to PDF), Alfred Gerstl reviews Yahuda's "The International Politics of the Asia-Pacific (Third Edition/2011) (Link to PDF).

You can find the complete issue here.

If you are interested in submitting a paper to our upcoming issues have a look at our general guidelines as well as our recent Call for Papers on Social Movements in South-East Asia.



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