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Our current issue of the Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies 3(1) is online and accessible!

Similar to the previous issues, it covers an interesting and broad spectrum of topics.

  • Madalena Pampalk (University of Vienna) examines the reasons for the lack of accountability for the severe human rights violations committed after Timor-Leste´s vote for independency. Based on a thorough analysis of the political constraints and the national and international courts, she is cautiously optimistic that justice will not be denied for good.
  • Marja-Leena Heikkilä-Horn (Mahidol University International College, Thailand) investigates the role of the Buddhist Santi Asoke group in the demonstrations in Thailand (2006-2008) that culminated in the occupation of the Bangkok airport. Santi Asoke, a heterogenous grouping, has criticised the lack of morality in Thai politics. The author discusses the different reasons of monks and nuns as well as lay people for participating in the demonstrations.
  • Alfred Gerstl (University of Vienna) analyses the depoliticisation and “ASEANisation” (i.e. the framing of a policy field in the context of the norms and values of the “ASEAN Way”) of human security. Using the case study counter-terrorism, he claims that ASEAN´s fragmented notion of human security is more concerned with the security of the state and regime rather than of the individuals.
  • Naila Meyer-Knapp (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) argues that despite the European Union´s strong engagement in resolving non-traditional crises in cooperation with ASEAN in Southeast Asia (e.g. the 2004 Tsunami or the Asian Financial Crisis), the EU lacks a cohesive approach. She concludes that the EU´s actorness may be more hypothetical than feasible.
  • ASEAS 3(1) further contains an interview with Johannes Dragsboek Schmidt (conducted by Julia Scharinger, SEAS) and book reviews.

You can find all articles online here.

Print Copies will also be available for sale at our upcoming conference on Human Security in South-East Asia on 28 & 29 May.

Our next two issues' planned focus: Gender & Gender Studies in South-East Asia and Tourism in South-East Asia. You will find Call for Papers on our website soon.





R E M I N D E R: aseas
Just a couple of days left till our fifth annual conference on South-East Asian Studies: Human Security in South-East Asia.

Do not miss the introductory keynote speech by Donald K. Emmerson, director of the Southeast Asia Forum (SEAF) at Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University - USA.

On Friday four panels will approach the issue of Human Security starting from Measuring and Mainstreaming Human Security, Case Studies from South-East Asia, Migration,Societal Transition: Examples from Cambodia and Indonesia until the conference will close with a panel consisting of NGO representatives from the Austrian Red Cross as well as World Vision: NGOs and the Concept of Human Security – A Perspective from Practitioners & Policy-Makers. We are happy to welcome panel discussants from Japan, the Philippines, Sweden, the UK, Korea, Thailand, the Czech Republic as well as the USA on Friday.

On Saturday, Sabina and Alexander Lautensach of the Human Security Institute, Canada and both editors of the Journal of Human Security will start the day with a second Keynote speech on Prioritising the Variables Affecting Human Security in South-East Asia.
The rest of the day will explore the topics Natural Hazards and Social Vulnerability, Sustaining Resources as well as Religion and Gender and will gather speakers from Austria, the Philippines, Germany and Indonesia.

If you got interested now: browse the Book of Abstracts, available on our website here, where you can also find the detailed program.aseas

We are looking forward seeing you at the conference!

5th Viennese Conference on South-East Asian Studies:
Human Security in South-East Asia.
May 28 & 29 2010
Österreichisches Museum für Volkskunde / Austrian Museum of Folk Art and Folk Life, Laudongasse 15-19, A-1080 Wien

(PS: Apologies for the poor text quality of the conference announcement in our last e-newsletter.)




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